Thursday, January 13, 2011

Melo Trade Talk

And to think this could have all been over in September.

Why is it that these days the drama in the NBA lasts weeks, and weeks, and weeks? Why did we have a "Summer of LeBron"? Why do players like Chris Bosh feel the need to throw an entire fan base under the bus on Twitter? Why do we have every player in the NBA linked to "express a desire" to play for the New York Knicks?! Why? Because YOU the fan want it.
Admit it you love this guy.
 Which brings us to Carmelo Anthony. For the past six months or so (has it really been that long?!) we have had to endure Melo to the Nets, Melo to the Knicks, Melo to the Timberwolves (I am NOT making this up) rumors. But you know what? You LOVE it. And so do I. Which is why I am going to break down the trade talks.

Well, by now we have all heard about the Melo to the Nets trade that has been kicking around for the last week. Melo to New Jersey along with Chauncey Billups and Richard Hamilton. That would have been swell if it was 2003. Imagine if Melo had been drafted second overall by the Pistons instead of Darko Milicic? Now THAT'S a team. Instead why not have Melo play with what used to be Rip Hamilton (someone who makes people say "remember when he was good?") and Chauncey Billups who has let it be known that he wants to be bought out. So let's break this New Jersey team down shall we?

A center who doesn't rebound OR play defense: Brook Lopez.
A power forward who turned it up after he started dating Kim Kardashian: Kris Humphries.
Then at small forward: Carmelo "I love New York" Anthony.
The starting shooting guard who hasn't been relevant since 2008: Rip Hamilton
And finally a point guard who doesn't want anything to do with New Jersey. Chauncey Billups. Might I add born and raised in Colorado?

Is that a team that can win in the next 3 years? I highly doubt it. Not with the Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, and hell, even the New York Knicks all with better rosters than that.

So what should Melo do?

He should follow his heart. Play for a team that he wants to play for. Endure the rest of the season in Denver, and sign with the Knicks in 2011 free agency. Sure he stands to lose a couple million due to the new CBA, but hell, isn't it worth it when he could be playing for New freakin' Jersey? Would you want to play in New Jersey? Sure they're moving and all, but look at that roster! What has Prokhorov's billions got them so far? Anthony Morrow? Travis Outlaw? Come on. If you already have earned 100 million dollars in your short career wouldn't you rather play for a team that you want to play for? Of course you would. And of course Melo does. Which is why Carmelo Anthony will be a New York Knick next season.

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