Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The New Show in Town

The Big Clipper. High Griffinition. The Human Youtube Video.

It doesn't matter what you call Blake Griffin, you love him. How could you not? Blake Griffin has taken the league by storm. He's not just the best rookie, it's debatable that he's one of the leagues best power forwards this season. His recent 47 point 14 rebound game was one of the best performances of a player at any position this season. Did I mention he shot 19 for 24 that game? What's more important, is that he's putting up great numbers, and his team is starting to win. While the team started 1-13, they have managed to go 7-3 in their last ten games, with quality wins over the Miami Heat, the Denver Nuggets and their rivals, the Los Angeles Lakers.

But that's not why I like Blake Griffin. Griffin has taken all the negative energy from the summer, what with the Miami Heat, and Carmelo Anthony and all, and has given people something positive to talk about. Why talk about how much you hate the Miami Heat, and LeBron, when you can watch Blake Griffin dunk on Timofey Movgoz? He's something this league needs. Him and Kevin Durant are the saviors of the NBA, in a time with so much uncertainty and negativity.

If Griffin were smart, he would stay with the Clippers his whole career. I feel that once Kobe retires, the keys to the city will be handed over to young Griffin. The Clippers are a good young team, with a solid young core that can make the playoffs as early as next season. Eric Gordon, Deandre Jordan, Eric Bledsoe and Al Farouq Aminu, are all younger than 23 years old. That's a solid young core for a team with plenty of cap space. With Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and Derek Fisher, getting up there in age, the championship window for the Lakers is dwindling quickly. The Spurs aren't getting any younger, with Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili poised to retire soon. This all adds up to the Clippers, and Blake Griffin, being the kings of the West in the near future.

As long as Baron Davis doesn't ruin it for them.

So how big can the legacy of Blake Griffin get? Blake Griffin's eye popping dunks will bode well for the internet age. The video, uploaded by the NBA, of Blake dunking on Timofey Movgoz and Danilo Gallinari, has almost 1.5 million views. Websites like Twitter and Youtube crash when Blake throws down. Sports channels can be guaranteed at least one Griffin dunk highlight, every time the Clippers play. That's why Blake is so important to the NBA. He gets people talking. He gets young children interested in the game. He's loved in a way that is reminiscent of LeBron before he got vilified for leaving Cleveland. With a strike looming, former heroes becoming villains, and aging superstars getting geared for retirement, Blake Griffin can become a force in the NBA as powerful as one of his highlight reel dunks.

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